Convert your audio & video collection to digital

Vital Transfers can transfer almost any type of audio or video to today’s digital formats. I take your treasured memories and convert them to a format and media you can play on a current device—CDs, DVDs, Blu Ray, USB stick, media card, etc.

Studio quality digital copies of your treasured memories.

We do studio quality work, and your DVD will have a professional, studio feel to it whether a family memory or a musical treasure. No job is too big, too small or too old. If you are looking for someone to trust, who does a great job, and at a reasonable price, contact me for details and an estimate any time!



Experience and expertise you can rely on

Vital Transfers is a local company that can do any kind of video or audio transfer you may have. There’s no sending it away.

The results speak for themselves. We have many satisfied customers: corporate, musical, home treasures, weddings and much more.

We have 40 years in the music industry, having worked in a recording studio, been involved in broadcast work and trained in various digital technologies. We use the same techniques and software used on most television and movies.

We also do forensic audio for the legal system and have been instrumental in recovering audio of confessions that lawyers and prosecutors deemed irreparable –  resulting in convictions.

What does it cost?

The "Basics"

As a guide, the average cost for a transfer is $45.00 to $55.00 per item to a DVD, Blu-Ray, USB drive or another format. Prices vary depending on the project and the amount of time required for the transfer(s).

The "Extras"

Any video or audio requiring editing, special DVD covers, menus, adding music, will cost more than just a straight copy transfer to a DVD or CD.

Time frame

Prices may vary depending on the project and the amount of time required for the transfer(s). If the project takes more than one week, I may require a deposit.

Bring your memories into the digital age

Enjoy those treasured memories anywhere, anytime with digital.

Transferring your analog collection has never been easier.

Vital Transfers can transfer almost any type of audio or video to today’s digital formats. 


Convert your vinyl records, cassettes and even reel to reel to modern digital formats like mp3, wav and more


Get those old home movies on VHS, beta, 8mm and more onto Bluray, DVD or non-physical digital media.

Preserve your priceless memories for the next generation to enjoy.


Beloved By Happy Customers

“I was so excited to finally get all my home videos organized and put in a DVD set. Craig Jarvis did an amazing job of cataloging everything and finishing it all so professionally, even though it was all on different formats. He has sat through more of our home movies than any of us have . Thanks so much for all the hard work!”

The extra work during the transfer really impressed me. The DVD’s were packaged in a great carry case, each DVD is label with a photo and list of the videos. When you load the DVD it opens with a title page with BG music, a photo from the video with each video listed as a chapter on the title page you can click on. Any black spots were edited out and the audio had been cleaned up. This attention to detail showed that there is pride in their work.

“I recently discovered a dozen High 8 video tapes in a closet along with the camera. Unfortunately the camera no longer worked so I sent the tapes to Vital Transfers. A few of the tapes were labeled but most weren’t. Within a few days everything was transfered. I was pleased to have many priceless family memories from the late 80’s and the early 90’s saved in a format that I can now share with family members.”

“Great job transferring our old reel to reels! We appreciate it!”

“Thank you for the awesome work you did with my old football videos. Very quality work!”



Convert your audio and video collection to digital.

Professional digitization services by Vital Transfers

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